On Aug. 13, Rothman testified on his House Bill 317 during a House Transportation Committee hearing. The bill would regulate the use of Automated License Plate Reader Systems (ALPRS) by implementing privacy protections.
Rothman urged his colleagues in the House to support Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill’s Senate Resolution 153, which would help bring jobs back to Pennsylvania. The resolution urges the United States Congress to ratify the United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) on trade as soon as possible, renew the country’s original waiver on steel and aluminum tariffs for Canada and Mexico, and remove retaliatory tariffs on all good and services exports from the United States.
During a House Transportation Committee hearing on June 17, Rothman questioned the President and CEO of the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania, Samuel Marshall, on how insurance companies would handle the legalization of e-scooters in Pennsylvania.
On June 19, Rothman spoke on the House floor in favor of House Bill 33 which would eliminate the 100% taxpayer-funded general assistance cash grant program on August 1, 2019. The elimination of the 100% taxpayer-funded cash program is projected to save Pennsylvanians $53.5 million in FY 2019-20. There was $150 million in state General Fund savings when the program was eliminated in FY 2012-13.
Rep. Rothman defends his House Bill 509 on the House floor April 30. The bill is aimed at increasing transparency in the permit review process to encourage job growth in Pennsylvania.
On Jan. 11, the governor joined Rep. Rothman & Rep. Gleim at Winding Creek Elementary School to tour the new school and learn about its new partnership programs with local colleges.
Rep. Rothman interviewed Department of Agriculture Secretary Russel Redding at the 103rd Pennsylvania Farm Show in January.
Rep. Rothman questions Treasury Secretary Joseph Torsella during the House Appropriations Committee hearing on Feb. 13 on the Farm Show Complex lease.
“Rep. Rothman joined leaders and innovators of the Autonomous Vehicle industry in Pennsylvania to celebrate the signing into law of his legislation, House Bill 1958, at a press conference at Gannet Flemming in Camp Hill. Rep. Rothman thanked PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards, Turnpike Executive Director Mark Compton, President of the Autonomous Vehicle Coalition, Laurie Matkowski, and all of our community leaders who helped to make this possible. Matkowski congratulated Pennsylvania on this new advancement and praised the Commonwealth for taking steps to increase highway safety for workers and travelers.”
Pa. State Rep. Greg Rothman Stands in support of House Bill 172, a measure that will place speeding devices in work zones to better protect highway workers.
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