In 2025, the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps will reach a new milestone – 250 years.

On October 13, 1775, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution to procure two armed vessels, awaiting conflict with the British Empire. Then, on November 10, 1775, the Continental Marines was established, and its recruiting headquarters was in Tun Tavern on Water Street.

Because of the Navy’s and Marines’ enriched history in Philadelphia, it is fitting that the city serves as the main celebration site for the birthday celebrations.

Rep. Rothman supports the concurrent resolution for the Secretary of the Navy to designate Philadelphia and both banks of the Delaware River as the main celebration of the 250th birthdays in October and November 2025.

There was a press conference on July 9 located at the Independence Seaport Museum. Rep. Rothman spoke in favor of Philadelphia being the primary celebration site. Reps. Thomas, Nelson, Zabel, Issacson, Young, Webster, White, Quinn and Solomon were in attendance. To view pictures of that event click here.

Rep. Rothman’s remarks video
Rothman spoke in support of the concurrent resolution on the House floor on June 8.