Rothman Legislation Relieving Harrisburg from Act 47 Status and Banning Commuter Tax Passes House
HARRISBURG – The House voted 185-5 to pass legislation authored by Rep. Greg Rothman (R-Cumberland) that relieves the city of Harrisburg from “distressed” financial status and prohibits a commuter tax on the 45,000 non-residents who commute to the city every day.

House Bill 2557 protects taxpayers, encourages private investment in the city, and allows for a healthy environment for job creation,” said Rothman. “A commuter tax would be an additional income tax on the hard workers who live in the communities surrounding Harrisburg.”

As chairman of the Sub-Committee of Urban Affairs on Third Class Cities, Rothman has worked with Rep. Patty Kim (D-Dauphin) and Rep. Tom Mehaffie (R-Dauphin) on solutions to Harrisburg’s financial crisis.

“Harrisburg is the heart of our region. Without a healthy heart, the entire body cannot be healthy,” said Rothman. “We owe it to each other to work together to ensure a vibrant Capital City for the next 200 years.”

House Bill 2557 now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Greg Rothman
87th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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