Your State Representative Wants Your Input!
Should Pennsylvania leave Daylight Saving Time behind?

State Rep. Russ Diamond has recently proposed legislation that would eliminate the practice of Daylight saving time in the Commonwealth. You can review his co-sponsor memo that explains the legislation here.

As noted in the memo, a 2016 study of 300 US metropolitan areas based on evidence from peer-reviewed academic journals by Chmura Economics & Analytics found that $434 million in annual economic losses are realized in those metro areas due to DST. Every Pennsylvania metro area included in the study indicated a negative economic impact from DST. A 2008 report by the Independent Institute estimated that the annual US “opportunity cost” of changing clocks could be as high as $1.7 billion.

However, those in support of keeping DST could point to a new paper from the Brookings Institute which finds that there's a 7 percent decrease in crime following the shift to DST.

What do you think?