Your State Representative Wants Your Input!
Recently proposed legislation would amend Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act to classify nuclear energy as a form of alternative (zero-carbon) energy. Utility companies are required by law to buy a certain percentage of their electricity from a list of alternative energy sources. This bill, House Bill 11, adds nuclear energy to the list. In addition, nuclear energy companies would be given a yearly subsidy of $500 million over the next six years. You can review his co-sponsor memo that explains the legislation here.

Nuclear power plants generate 42 percent of our Commonwealth’s electricity and provide 93 percent of the Commonwealth’s zero-carbon electricity.

However, those opposed to this legislation say that all forms of alternative energy, such as nuclear energy, cost more to produce than other sources of energy and therefore it is costlier for utility companies and their consumers. In order to truly level the playing field for all energy industries, opponents argue the regulations mandating utility companies to buy alternative energy sources on the AEPS list, should be eliminated.

Should the state add nuclear energy to the AEPS list and commit $500 million annually to the Commonwealth’s nuclear industry over the next six years?